Cactus: Astrophytum

Succulent: Crassula

Advanced Succulent 

1st – Crassula Sp. – Gary James
2nd Crassula Ovata ‘Gollum’ – Jim Hanna

3rd – Crassula rupestris – Gary Duke

Show – Crassula Sp. – Gary Duke


Advanced Cacti

1st – Astrophytum caput-medusa – Gary James
2nd – astrophytum capricorne – Gary Duke
3rd – astrophytum ornatum metztitlan – Gary Duke

Intermediate Succulent

1st – Crassula Kimnachi – Mike Martin
2nd – crassula capitella thyrsiflora – Krystoff Przykucki
3rd – Crassula Clavata- Krystoff Przykucki
Show – Crassula Deceptor – Krystoff Przykucki

2nd- astrophytum ornatum hybrid – Andrew Lander

3rd – astrophytum asterias – Krystoff Przykucki
1st – astrophytum myriostigma – Regina Fernandez
Show – astrophytum quadricostatum – Regina Fernandez

  Beginners Succulent

1st – Crassula ‘silver dollar’ – Jim Tanner

2nd Crassula Morgan’s Beauty – The Prestons

2nd – Crassula Dorothy – Tanisha  Herr

3rd – Crassula perforata – Coni Nettles

3 rd Crassula Ovata Gollum – Tanisha Herr

Show – Crassula Ovata Hummel’s Sunset – Alden Norris

Show – Crassula Ovate – Coni Nettles


Show – Crassula Sarcocaulis – Dean Woehrman

Beginner Cacti 

1st – astrophytum asterias – Amy Angelo

2nd – astrophytum myriostigma onzuka – Amy Angelo

3rd – astrophytum asterias – Amy Angelo

3rd – astrophytum ornatum Alden Norris
3rd – astrophytum capricorne – Henry Angelo



 Cactus: Mammillaria Hooke Spines  – Succulent: Aeoniums

Advanced: NONE

Indeterminate Mammillaria Hooke Spines:

1st: mammillaria perezdelarosae -Kathy McNair

2nd: mammillaria perezdelarosae – Mike Martin

2nd: mammillaria bombycina – Kathy McNair

2nd: mammillaria bocasana – ?

3rd: mammillaria bombycina – Regina Fernandez

3rd: mammillaria magnifica – Krystoff Przykucki

Indeterminate  Aeoniums:

1st: Aeonium Voodoo (cyclops?) -Scott Bunnell

2nd: Aeonium Mardi Gras – Jade Neely

2nd: Aeonium sunburst (crest) – Andrew Lander

3rd: Aeonium Sp. – Scott Bunnell

Show: Aeonium zwartkop – Jade Neely

Beginners  Mammillaria Hooke Spines:

1st: Mammillaria sp. – Amy Angulo

2nd: mammillaria bombycina – (?)

3rd: mammillaria sp. – MA

Beginners Aeoniums:

1st: aeonium tabuliforme – MA

1st:  aeonium leucoblepharum –  Amy Angulo

2nd:  aeonium tabuliforme (crest) – Dean Woehizman

2nd: aeonium Sunbrust – Henry Angulo

3rd: aeonium sp. – Lisa Weller

February Cactus: Astrophytum Succulent: Crassula
March Cactus: Notocactus / Parodia  Succulent: Gasteria
April  Cactus: Copiapoa / Matucana  Succulent: Euphorbia -Madagascar
May  Cactus: Gymnocalycium  Succulent: Sansevieria
June Cactus: Favorite (3) Succulent: Favorite (3)
July Cactus: Ariocrarpus: Agave
August Cactus: Melocactus/Buiningia; Mesembs other than Lithops/conos
September Cactus: Crest/Monstrose/Variegates: Crest/Monstrose/Variegates
October Cactus: Epiphytic Cactus; Pelargonium/Sarcocaulon
November Cactus: Miniatures (3) – pots under 3” Miniatures (3) – pots under 3”


At the April, 2003 meeting, the following rules were adopted for the Plant-of the-Month (POM) competition:
A maximum of three plants may be entered in each category (cactus and succulent).
There will be three classes for entrants: advanced (blue tag), intermediate (pink tag) and beginner (yellow
Advanced and intermediate entrants must have had the plant in their possession for at least six months,
beginners for three months.
Entrants will receive 8 points for first place, 6 points for second place, 4 points for third place, 2 points for
show/honorable mention (HM) and 1 point for showing a plant that does not place.
At the discretion of the judges there may be up to three third places in a category. If plants are not deemed
to be of sufficient quality, no third place will be awarded.
For an entrant to receive points, the entry tags must be collected by the person in charge of record keeping
for POM.
At the annual Christmas party, award plants will be presented to the ten highest cumulative point holders
regardless of class.