Meeting Schedule Info

We meet 11:00 am. (set up from 10:30) until 1 pm. the first Sunday of the month at:
Rancho Los Alamitos  6400 Bixby Hill Rd, Long Beach, CA 90815

We also have a show and plant sale in May and a plant auction in September.

Long Beach Cactus Club 2019 Meeting Schedule:

Apr. 28 Sandy Chase “The Sweet, Foul, The Awesome Asclepiads”
May 18&19 LBCC annual Plant Sale
June 2 Peter Breslin “Cacti of Arizona”
July 7 J. D. Wikert “The Genus Haworthia”
Aug. 4 Gunnar Eisel –TBA
Aug. 10 & 11 34th annual Intercity Show and Sale
Sept. 1 Kal Kaminer “Traversing the Transvaal”
Sept. 15 LBCC annual Auction
Oct. 6 Christian Cummings “The Cactus Store”
Nov. 3 Jeff Chemnick The Genera of Cycads”
Dec. 1 Holiday Party


April 28th  Cactus: Gymnocalycium  Succulent: Sansevieria
June Cactus: Favorite (3) Succulent: Favorite (3)
July Cactus: Ariocrarpus: Agave
August Cactus: Melocactus/Buiningia; Mesembs other than Lithops/conos
September Cactus: Crest/Monstrose/Variegates: Crest/Monstrose/Variegates
October Cactus: Epiphytic Cactus; Pelargonium/Sarcocaulon
November Cactus: Miniatures (3) – pots under 3” Miniatures (3) – pots under 3”

January — last name beginning with A or B
February — last name beginning with C or D
March — last name beginning with E, F, or G
April — last name beginning with H, I, or J
May — last name beginning with K or L
June — last name beginning with M or N
July — last name beginning with O, P, Q, or R
August — last name beginning with S or T
September — last name beginning with U, V, W, X, Y, or Z