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March 2020 Members Only

Due to the rapid growth of our club this meeting is Members Only!

MEETING PROGRAM: Woody Minnich: Cactus & Succulent Conservation Around the World
Never has there been a time when conservation of our cacti and other succulents has been more urgent! Due to many factors, our precious succulents, as well as many other plants and animals, are now facing severe problems. When traveling around the world in succulent rich regions, I have observed an amazing increase in the devastation of habitats and the illegal
removal of many rare and endangered species of cacti, succulents, and other plants and animals. Not only are we losing these very special and unique plants, sadly enough, we are aggressively destroying many valuable and irreplaceable habitats. Our desires to urbanize and agriculturally develop great numbers of virgin environments have only produced
severe ecosystem imbalances, thus the extinction, at a most rapid rate, of many of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating plants and animals.

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TIME: Sunday, March 1st, 2020 from 10:30 a.m. To 12:30 p.m. Please arrive at least half an hour early to set up Plants of the Month, buy plants from our vendors, ask questions regarding your plants, or socialize.

LOCATION: Rancho Los Alamitos, 6400 Bixby Hill Rd., Long Beach, CA. The Rancho is in a gated community, the entrance of which is at the south end of Palo Verde Ave. Tell the guard at the gate that you’re going to the Cactus Club meeting. The meeting will take place in the Rancho’s tent.
REFRESHMENTS: We follow the alphabet to determine who is to bring snacks and finger foods. This month, those with last names starting with the letter N, O, and P are asked to bring goodies. Please feel free to bring something even if you don’t fall into this group.

We are looking for new meeting location. We welcome any ideas.

Cactus: Echinocactus & Ferocactus
Succulent: Kalachoe

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