Meeting Schedule Info

Zoom meeting are held at our regular meeting days.
The first Sunday of the month.
Times may change from our normal schedule.



We meet 10:30 am. (set up from 10:00) until 12:30 pm. the first Sunday of the month at:
Rancho Los Alamitos  6400 Bixby Hill Rd, Long Beach, CA 90815

We also have a show and plant sale in May and a plant auction in September.

Long Beach Cactus Club 2020 Meeting Schedule:

Jan. 5 Marcia Tatroe: The Cactus and Succulent Collector’s Garden
Feb. 2 Sean Gildenhuys: Aloes, Haworthias or Gasterias
Mar. 1 Woody Minnich: Cactus & Succulent Conservation Around the World
Apr. 5 Buck Hemenway: Succulent Video of South Africa


             Cacti                       Succulents

Jan. – Mammillaria Clusters                                    Haworthia

Feb. – Echinocereus                                                        Aloe

March – Echinocactus / Ferocactus                    Kalanchoe

April – Thelocactus / Stenocactus                      Echeveria

May – Neoporteria / Neochilenia               Caudiciform Euphorbia

June – Rebutia / Sulcorebutia                              Pachypodium

July – Favorite 3                                                            Favorite 3

Aug. – Lobivia / Echinopsis                          Lithops / Conophytum

Sept. – Coryphantha / Escobaria                          Bromeliaceae

Oct. – Notocactus / Parodia                          Cotyledon / Tylecodon

Nov. – Miniature under 3″                              Miniature under 3″

Dec. –                  Xmas Party