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Rob Roy MacGregor

“Playing With My Plants”
Hot Nail That Cactus In It’s Meristem!

The program I will be presenting is filled with graphic and violent behaviors. The plants used in my demonstrations will recover from being, bisected, decapitated, and hot nailed.  The concept of this presentation is to demonstrate the resilience of the succulent plants we all grow and to encourage people to play with their plants.

I started collecting plants about 20 years ago. At first it was collecting from the local nursery in San Felipe in Baja Norte California so I could plant them around a friend’s property in Puertecitos Baja California. Then 15 years ago he bought my home in Riverside and proceeded to remove the grass in my ½ acre backyard and install rocks and cacti. The front yard soon followed, receiving an aloe and rock remodel. After those first couple of years I began to meet people that would change my whole outlook on cacti and succulent plants. It was at this time I ran into a person whom I would later call my mentor. He took the time to instill in me the drive to learn correct terminology and spelling of plants. He also taught me to take a more scientific approach of gathering information. It was this approach that I call “playing with my plants” which gave me the willingness to do what I have done to plants, in the name of further education.
Rob Roy

Plants of the month:
Cactus: Miniatures (3) – pots under 3”
Succulent: Miniatures (3) – pots under 3”

Join our monthly meetings

We meet 1:00 pm. the first Sunday of the month at The Woman’s Club of Bellflower. Doors open around noon to start setting up for the meeting. Set up for mini show starts at 12:30, and the actual meeting starts at 1:00 PM.

There will be vendors selling plants and pots. Everyone is welcomed to come early and help set up and check out what’s available for purchase.

June POM Winners

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