Bylaws & Constitution

Click below to download a copy of our bylaws and constituions PDF.


President: Nelson Hernandez
Vice-President: William Ramirez
Treasurer: Henry Angulo
Secretary: Kelly Eddy
Board of Directors: Daniel Almanza, Christopher Bucka, Scott Bunnell, Ed Hansen, Lemono Lott,
CSSA Liaison: M. A. Bjarkman
Newsletter: Andrew Lander
Vendor/Prizes: Jim Hanna
Programs: Open
Membership: Tanisha Herr
Historian: Ken Shaw
Inter City Show: Henry Angulo & Scott Bunnell
Mini-Show: Christopher Bucka
Librarian: Lisa Weller
Christmas Party: Gary Duke
Photographer: Dereck Diaz
Refreshments: Amy Angulo
Plant Sale: Kelly Eddy
Social Media Chairs: Amy Angulo & Scott Bunnell
Auction Chair: Gretchen Lewotsky
Publicity: Open
Website: German Rivera & Scott Bunnell
Instagram: Scott Bunnell & Nelson Hernandez

About LBCC

Founded in 1933 Long Beach Cactus Club is the oldest cactus club in the United States.

Monthly meeting details:

We meet 1:00 pm. the first Sunday of the month at The Woman’s Club of Bellflower. Doors open around noon to start setting up for the meeting. Set up for mini show starts at 12:30, and the actual meeting starts at 1:00 PM.

There will be vendors selling plants and pots.
Everyone is welcomed to come early and help set up and check out what’s available for purchase.

We also have our annual show, plant sale, and silent auction on May 7th, noon till 4pm. At The Women’s Club of Bellflower. The LBCC plant auction takes place in October this year.

Code of Conduct Policy

1. Respect Others:
Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

2. Harassment-Free Environment:
Harassment of any kind, including but not limited to verbal or physical harassment & intimidation, will not be tolerated. This includes behavior outside of club grounds and any participating shows or club engagements.

3. Field Collected Plant Policy
Field collected plants are not acceptable for show entry. By entering show plants, exhibitors are declaring that, to the best of their knowledge, no plant is field collected. If judges and the show committee determine that a plant appears to be field collected, they will remove the plant from the show. The decisions of the judges and show committee are final and binding.

4. Vendor Participation:
Vendor participation is by invitation only. Vendor should provide accurate and truthful information in all business interactions and conduct transactions in an ethical manner. Any vendor who knowingly exhibit, trade, sell, or otherwise traffic in field-collected plants will have their invitation to sell revoked.

5. Reporting Incidents:
If you witness or experience any violations of this code of conduct, report them promptly to a member of our Board.

6. Consequences for Violations:
Violations of this code of conduct may result in appropriate consequences, including warnings, suspension, or expulsion from the community/organization.

7. Continuous Improvement:
This code of conduct is subject to updates and improvements. Feedback is welcome to make our community a safer and more inclusive space.

By participating in the Long Beach Cactus Club, you agree to abide by this code of conduct. Thank you for contributing to a positive and respectful environment.