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Fantastic Clan, The

Number: 104
Name: Fantastic Clan, The
Author Thornber & Bonker
Year: 1932
Pages 194

Excerpt from The Fantastic Clan, the Cactus Family: Studies of That Unique and Fascinating Growth, the Cactus Plant, Treating of All the Most Important Groups of Cacti Known, With Scientific Accuracy, and Depicting the Charm of the Desert Land, Its Magic Spell and Wondrous Lure

Without help from the following persons and organiza tions, it would have been impossible for us to make such careful study of these plants, so widely distributed over the Southwestern deserts: We thank Dr. James Greenlief Brown and Dr. Rubert Burley Streets of the University of Arizona for numerous photographs; Professor Andrew Alexander Nichol of the University of Arizona for rare Species of cacti collected; Dr. Forrest Shreve of the Carnegie Institution of Washing ton for specimens of plants and photographs; Evelyn Thorn ber for pen-and-ink drawings of cacti; Miss Frances Hamil ton, Mr. William Palmer Stockwell, Mr. Frank Henry Parker, and Mr. Barnard Hendricks for assistance in making careful studies of the cacti; the University of Arizona and the Desert Botanical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution for help in procuring specimens of cacti for comparative study.

We are deeply indebted to Mrs. John Wilmot Estill of Los Angeles, California, for her exquisite paintings used in this book.

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